Social media expressions
  • Q-Moticon, Q-Cards, Q-Badges, ...
  • Applications & Gadgets
  • Available for Facebook, Windows Liveô Messenger, Hotmail, Gmail and all other mail clients
Mobile expressions
  • Mobile applications
  • Mobile websites
  • SMS services
  • Available for Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phone 7
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Direct marketing!
Nowadays itís almost unimaginable to have a life without online communication. Due to this constant increasing interest in the digital world, the use of online communications will only increase further. Not only therefore online marketing should not be lacking in the current marketing mix. Donít forget that our Social media expressions are responding to the explosive growth of the social media usage like Facebook and Twitter. And the Mobile expressions is het results of the tremendous growth of the smartphone usage.
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Apple iPad application
Web development
Design, SEO and CMS
Direct marketing
  • Tracking of customer data
  • Personal character
  • Measurability
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