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Mobile applications
Mobile applications

With the release of the smartphone the use of mobile applications has exploded. In 2010 worldwide there were over 298 million smartphones sold, which is 70 percent more than the year before! There are over 300,000 mobile applications developed. In Apple’s App Store alone there are more than 4 billion mobile applications downloaded.


  • Always present in the palm of the user
  • Explosive growth in the number of smartphone users
  • Connection with social networks like Facebook and Twitter

Mobile applications require a different approach than mobile sites. For example, a mobile application can make use of the functionality of mobile phones such as GPS location or camera function. We develop high quality mobile applications. Through a mobile application you can inform your audience or to entertain. Not only do we take care of the development and design of applications, we also ensure the placement of the mobile application within the various download channels such as the App Store (Apple), Marketplace (Windows Phone 7), Ovi Store (Nokia), App World (BlackBerry) and Android Market (Android).

Mobile applications examples

Techno Design IP has developed a number of Windows Phone 7 applications under its own label. With these applications Techno Design IP explores a for Western Europe relatively new platform for mobile phones from Microsoft: Windows Phone 7.

Mobile applications

Pete the Polar Bear for Windows Phone 7
Pete the Polar Bear is based on the “greeting card” principle. An animated 3D polar bear will transform your voice message in a funny way and deliver it to the person introduced by you. Read more…

Mobile applications

About Me “Body and Mind” for Windows Phone 7
Body and Mind is based on the ancient algorithms of the biorhythm. Through filling in the date of birth once your physical, intellectual, passionate and emotional well-being will be shown in a stylish way. Read more…

Mobile applications

Sudoku for Windows Phone 7
Sudoku is a puzzle that uses numbers. No basic knowledge is needed and it is very fun to play. Read more…

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