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Hotmail Emoticons

Dutch emo's in new version of Hotmail

Following earlier announcements on the deployment of wave 4 of Windows Live ™, Microsoft started converting all accounts, on July 26, to the new version of the e-mail program Windows Live™ Hotmail.

Besides the numerous functional updates in this version, Hotmail now includes a new collection of emoticons to add to the e-mail message. Microsoft chose Dutch company Techno Design IP BV as its global partner for integrated emoticons in Windows Live™ Hotmail. Both the creation and installation of emoticons will be handled by Techno Design IP. At the moment the emoticons are only visible to the American users within Windows Live™ Hotmail. In coming weeks this will be rolled out further.

Hotmail is the most popular mail-service program worldwide

With Hotmail the user will always have access to e-mail with unlimited email space through their browser. Worldwide, this popular program has about 1 billion email accounts, of which 350 million are very actively used. In the Netherlands there are nearly 8 million Hotmail addresses, which provide over 1.5 billion page views.


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