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MEIDEN magazine is the first glossy who benefits from social media expressions

MEIDEN magazine is the first glossy who benefits from social media expressions

Over the last couple of years, ZPRESS YOUNG, publisher of MEIDEN magazine, have seen the big influence of social media on their target group of 10-15 year old girls. Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and YouTube are a part of the daily activities of young people. Especially sharing images, pictures and emotions is a common activity.

Online emotions

To stimulate these online activities even more, a collaboration between social platform Quebles and ZPRESS YOUNG, has resulted to the development of an Emoticon creator. This emoticon creator makes it possible for girls to express her personality and style through a self-designed emoticon. By using various personalization options such as a palette of colours, hair styles and accessories, each creation is unique. The created emoticon is designed for Facebook, Mail, Windows Live Messenger and can be saved as a PC image.

Viral effect

Experience shows that the created emoticons will be shared with friends. This is the first step towards the viral effect that is achieved with social media. To further stimulate this, a competitive element has been incorporated within the MEIDEN Emoticon creator. Users can vote on the custom emoticon with a 'like'. Each 'like' is considered as a vote. Every month, the winning emoticon will be announced on the website of Secondly, the design team of Techno Design IP will also develop the animated version of the emoticon. This animation will be launched in all 32 countries where the social platform Quebles is active.


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