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Portfolio: About Me “Body and Mind”
About Me “Body and Mind” - Windows Phone 7 application


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Market: (Soon) Worldwide
Product Windows Phone 7 application
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Techno Design IP has developed the Windows Phone 7 application “About me: Body and Mind” under its own label. With this application Techno Design IP explores a for Western Europe relatively new platform for mobile phones from Microsoft: Windows Phone 7.

Body and Mind is based on the ancient algorithms of the biorhythm. Through filling in the date of birth once your physical, intellectual, passionate and emotional well-being will be shown in a stylish way. The application offers the possibility to show a daily, weekly or a specific date for a clear overview and features with accompanying texts. “Body and Mind” is an application that allows you to easily see when you are feeling blue and when you feel great, but also when you are able to deliver a peak performance.

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