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Q-Moticon Play: Q-Moticon demo

Emoticons, also known as smileys, are graphical presentations to express yourself. As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind Quebles has created the Q-Moticon, this can been seen as the next generation of emoticons. These images are animated, are much bigger and can even be personalized.

Our design team has already developed hundreds of different Q-Motions to express moods in every imaginable way.

For an even more viral effect of the Q-Moticon, we also offer the option to send a Q-Moticon to a friend. This way the visibility of the item will be expanded.

An extra is the Q-Moticon Creator; based on predefined templates, the customer can add his own picture to a Q-Moticon in order to create a more personal expression.

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